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How to Check your Homeowners Title

April 21, 2023

Editorial Team


To check your homeowner’s title, you will need to obtain a copy of your property’s title report. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact your county recorder’s office: You can usually obtain a copy of your property’s title report by contacting your county recorder’s office. You may be able to access this information online or by visiting the office in person.
  2. Provide your property information: You will need to provide your property’s address and parcel number to the recorder’s office to obtain a copy of the title report.
  3. Review the title report: Once you have obtained the title report, review it carefully to ensure that the property is free of any liens, judgments, or other encumbrances. Look for any errors or omissions in the report, and if you find any, contact the recorder’s office to have them corrected.
  4. Consult a title professional: If you have any questions or concerns about the title report, you may want to consult a title professional, such as a real estate attorney or a title insurance company, for advice.

It’s important to check your homeowner’s title regularly to ensure that there are no issues that could affect your ownership of the property.